Wheels, a 100% Malaysian owned organization was established in 1989. It has grown from a humble business comprising of a mere 15 employees to the present strength of 400 employees. Our company's production is operated and managed on our own land of approx. 12 hectare. We manufacture and fabricate a myrid of quality automobile and home security systems which include Car alarm, Central Locking, Power Window, Auto Sunshade and etc.

Our auto gate system comprise of both swing and sliding auto gates. The design of these auto gates could probably be the smallest, slimmest and quietest that you can ever desire for. Our barrier system is the most ideal choice for customers. It offers a solid and round-the-clock continuous operation cycles. Furthermore, we do cater to customized request.

Product Description
The WHEELS® Swing Auto Gate System could be the smallest and most compact in shape as compared to other designs. It is design to full compliance with the current safety standard. Since it is clutch-free, it is able to manually operate in times of power failure or emergency. Despite its compact size, it is able to withstand high pay loads compared to other conventional swing clutch systems.

General Informaton
Power supply: AC 230V single phrase
Reduction R.P.M: 3:1
Reduction Current Consumption: 1.4~1.62A
SCS Design: Soft Closing System

Package Includes:
Swing Motor
Control Panel Box
Level Arm Bar
Release Mechanism
Swing Lock Bar
Rubber Lock Bar c/w awbolt- projecting Bolt
Angle Bar
Siren (optional)