Stop Barrier

Electromechanical barriers for semi-intensive and intensive use

STOP is the range of barriers for semi-intensive and intensive use for roadways up to 7.5 mt, available in 230V and 24V.

STOP operators are provided with built-in control board with integrated 433 MHz receiver. Sturdiness, reliability and safety characterize these operators conformable to European Norms EN12453 and EN12445, thanks to the encoder for all versions.

• Motor controlled by encoder for the position management and obstacles detection
• Speed adjustment and slowdown in opening and closing
• Soft start and soft stop for all versions
• Fast versions for openings in 2.7 and 3 seconds
• Possibility to lock the programming to prevent tampering
• Possibility of installing 2 opposite barriers (with a single control panel)
• Wide range of accessories to complete the installation

Technical Information