We specialize in installations, supplies, repairs and maintenance of all kinds of autogate system for commercial & residential sectors with excellent quality workmanship at affordable prices.


Automatic Swinging Driveway Gates or walk in personal pedestrian gates are hung from sturdy posts with suitable hinges so they won’t drop and drag on the ground. Gate motors pull the gates open and push them closed automatically using a hand held remote control..

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A sliding gate is a fence that can be rolled to one side. Sliding gates provide a practical, safe, secure, and recognizable entryway to terrains. A sliding gate is a flexible fence that has wheels at the bottom. A sliding gate does not have a turning circle, so it is easy to open and close.The main difference between the two is that sliding gates slide in and out whilst swinging gates swing open and closed in a wide half-circle. Most commonly used when other gate installations aren’t possible, sliding gates are great if you have limited space and rough ground.

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Ultrasonic sensors detect vehicles positioned below the barrier reliably and regardless of color. This safety feature prevents damage to the vehicle by preventing the barrier from lowering while a vehicle is beneath it.

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